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Leading the industry on economic issues related to privacy and data security matters, our International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) certified economists consult and testify on issues of class certification, liability, and damages. 

Organizations of all sizes and across industries increasingly face persistent and evolving threats against the security of their confidential and sensitive data. Breaches of proprietary data systems can be costly both in terms of financial resources as well as negative effects on a firm’s reputation. Edgeworth experts have extensive experience working with multinational companies and voluminous transactional point-of-sale data maintained across disparate systems, retail locations, geographic regions, and subsidiaries. When a breach occurs, our data experts are uniquely positioned to assist our clients.

Expert economic analysis can provide answers to complex questions that arise in data breach class actions, matters resulting from alleged misuse of consumers’ private information, and FTC investigations. Applying rigorous economic and statistical analysis to large and complex data sets, our experts assist clients with answering questions that are fundamental to assessing whether actual injury resulted from a data breach or the misuse of private information, determining a firm’s financial exposure, and assessing damages.

Edgeworth experts are active in the industry and are demonstrated thought leaders. Their expertise is certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and they frequently present and write on the economic analysis of data privacy and security issues.

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