Labor & Employment

Academic rigor combined with practical experience are at the core of what makes Edgeworth a leader in evaluating complex labor and employment issues as expert testifiers and consultants.

Edgeworth’s expertise in labor economics, econometrics and statistics, in addition to our vast data capabilities, provides our clients with exceptional analyses on a range of labor and employment issues. Our experts provide testimony in the course of litigation, and consult on internal corporate projects to assess risk management. Edgeworth also routinely extracts and analyzes extensive amounts of information from complex employment databases during the course of its projects.

Labor and Employment Litigation

Our experts have testified on a variety of labor and employment topics, including:

  • Class certification
  • Discrimination issues, such as
    • Gender
    • Race
    • Age
    • American with Disabilities Act
  • Wage and hours disputes under
    • The Fair Labor Standards Act
    • California overtime laws
    • Other state wage and hours laws
  • Wrongful termination

Labor and Employment Consulting

Our experts’ prior hands-on experience working within global corporations makes Edgeworth a leader on employment issues related to corporate risk management. We have experience with:

  • Compliance audits, OFCCP
  • Reduction in Force (RIF) analyses
  • Executive compensation

Edgeworth experts also work extensively with Fortune 500 companies on topics related to HR analytics, through our Data Analytics practice.

To learn more about Edgeworth’s labor and employment services, please contact us

  • Discrimination

    Analyzing compensation, hiring, terminations, and all other employment actions, Edgeworth Economics is at the forefront of econometric analysis for complex discrimination litigation.

  • Wage & Hours

    Whether related to class certification, liability, or damages, Edgeworth’s experienced experts are industry leaders in the analysis of complex data for all phases of wage and hour litigation.



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