Intellectual Property

Valuing intellectual property (IP) assets of all types, Edgeworth provides expert testimony on issues related to damages, and advises clients on other key intellectual property questions.

Our economists have been at the forefront in the evolving landscape of intellectual property valuation, whether in the context of litigation or business transactions. As courts continue to require damages be tied to the specific value of the patent, reasonable royalties and lost profit damages must be based on sound economic principles. 

Such considerations are increasingly anticipated when valuing patents in other contexts. Whether entering into licensing negotiations or valuating patents in a corporate transaction, we assist our clients with a valuation analysis that fully considers the economic principles and case law that may eventually play out should litigation arise. 

Edgeworth experts combine economic methods with up-to-the-moment thinking to identify the value of patents and other intellectual property in litigation and business contexts. Edgeworth has extensive expertise in areas where intellectual property plays a critical role, such as telecommunications, computer hardware and software, internet applications, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

To learn more about Edgeworth’s intellectual property services, contact us.

  • ITC Litigation

    Applying economic methods to assess issues of domestic industry, public interest, and bond and remedies before the International Trade Commission.

  • Patent Infringement Damages

    Applying rigorous methods to assess economic damages in patent infringement litigations that span a variety of industries.

  • RAND Royalties

    Assessing RAND commitments and calculating RAND royalties that avoid patent holdup while compensating patent holders.

  • Valuation

    Valuing patent portfolios and other intangible assets for licensing, business transactions, and business planning, including the anticipating strategic litigation and tax strategies.




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