Commercial Damages

Combining objectivity, rigorous analysis, and clearly-articulated results with a client-oriented approach, Edgeworth offers litigation consulting and expert testimony in a variety of commercial disputes.

Strongly rooted in economic theory and careful econometric and statistical modeling, our objective opinions are the result of thorough, thoughtful, and rigorous analyses. Our expert economists are skilled at explaining complex concepts in a clear and informative approach to clients, lawyers, judges, and juries.

Edgeworth has experience in a variety of commercial disputes, including:

“But-for” Scenarios That Hold Up

Our approach to commercial damages is based on the difference between companies’ actual performance and their counterfactual performance “but-for” the alleged harmful act. Our experts develop an objective “but-for” scenario designed to withstand courtroom scrutiny, requiring an understanding of the markets in which the litigating parties operate, real-world data, and application of relevant economic theory.

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