Class Actions

Edgeworth’s experts have led the development of economic approaches to class certification in class action litigation.

The legal framework surrounding class certification and damages analysis in class actions has advanced rapidly in recent years, particularly in fields such as antitrust, labor, and false advertising. Edgeworth experts have been in the vanguard of this movement, consulting in precedent-setting cases such as In re Hydrogen Peroxide and In re Rail Freight Fuel Surcharge and publishing numerous academic papers that have shaped the standards for rigorous analysis in class certification proceedings.

Edgeworth offers clients a full range of class action services, from careful and efficient data processing to accessible theoretical analyses of markets, as well as sophisticated but comprehensible econometric testing of the underlying predicates of Rule 23 cases.


Our experts compile transactional databases for multi-defendant litigations and prepare complex econometric analyses to test the commonality and typicality aspects of Rule 23 allegations. Edgeworth experts provide consulting services and testimony in proceedings related to allegations of:

  • Price fixing
  • Market allocation
  • Abuse of dominance
  • Other types of antitrust-based class actions


Edgeworth experts provide testimony and consulting in a variety of labor-related class action litigations. Our work frequently involves the processing and analysis of multiple types of corporate databases, such as applications, payroll, time records, and card entry. We have prepared analyses related to class allegations of discrimination, wage and hours violations, and other employment-related claims. Edgeworth experts have testified regarding the commonality and typicality aspects of labor-related class action claims, and have analyzed and critiqued liability analyses and damages models presented at the class certification phase.

False Advertising

Edgeworth is experienced in assessing class certification in cases involving allegations of Lanham Act violations, such as false advertising claims. Our experts use retail scanner data and corporate financial information to analyze claims of common impact and damages for consumer classes. Our recent work has included consulting services, expert reports, and testimony in cases related to “natural” food labeling, health claims in nutritional supplements, and a variety of other issues associated with the advertising and labeling of consumer products.

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