By Office: Pasadena Office

  • Dr. Jesse David

    Jesse David is an experienced damages expert who has testified at trial and in deposition on more than 25 occasions. Dr. David’s work in intellectual property, environmental economics, antitrust, labor and commercial damages is known for meshing careful economic thinking with technically sound methodology.

  • Mr. Sushrut Jain
    Principal Consultant

    Sushrut Jain specializes in the application of economic, financial, statistical, and econometric analyses. He has over ten years of experience consulting on matters involving intellectual property, antitrust, and commercial litigation issues. 

  • Ms. Song-yi Kim
    Principal Consultant

    Song-yi Kim holds expertise in performing economic and statistical analyses of large, complex datasets, and applies her knowledge to competitive issues such as antitrust and class action, as well as other financial services and regulatory issues.

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