Ms. Sheila Buenafe

Principal Programmer
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Ms. Buenafe is an experienced statistician and forensic programmer. She works extensively on complex data projects that involve constructing large datasets from multiple databases and analyzing this information. Ms. Buenafe understands the connection between careful data analysis and robust statistical results, and is skilled at mapping out data-building strategies to maximize efficiency and minimize costs for our clients. Her expertise makes her vital to Edgeworth’s data management practice, among others.

Ms. Buenafe manages all phases of the data preparation process. Her experience includes discussing data needs with company information technology personnel, collaborating with business personnel to understand the subtleties of transaction data, cleaning detailed customer and product data to ensure consistency, and processing large data using sophisticated econometric techniques. Ms. Buenafe's work has been used for turnovers to the DOJ and the European Commission, and in expert reports.

Ms. Buenafe earned her MS in statistics from George Mason University and her BS in statistics from the University of the Philippines.

Previous Experience

  • Forensic Programmer, Criterion Economics
  • Analyst, NERA Economic Consulting

Practice Areas


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