By Practice Area: Labor & Employment

  • Dr. Stephen G. Bronars

    Stephen Bronars is a labor and employment expert with decades of experience in bringing rigorous analysis to employment discrimination and wage and hours matters. A sophisticated researcher, Dr. Bronars brings his academic experience and insight to Edgeworth’s Labor and Employment practice. 

  • Dr. Jesse David

    Jesse David is an experienced damages expert who has testified at trial and in deposition on more than 25 occasions. Dr. David’s work in intellectual property, environmental economics, antitrust, labor and commercial damages is known for meshing careful economic thinking with technically sound methodology.

  • Mr. Chuck Fields

    Chuck Fields is an expert witness with comprehensive experience working on labor and employment issues, antitrust matters, and HR analytics engagements. Mr. Fields’ unique background in economics, human resources, and business management enables him to provide effective, practical solutions for our clients.

  • Dr. Deborah K. Foster

    Deborah Foster is an expert in the economics of wage and hours and discrimination matters, with particular expertise examining class certification issues. She applies rigorous methodologies and analysis to state and federal matters on a variety of claims, such as regular rate calculations, misclassification and meal/rest break violations.

  • Dr. Laila Haider

    Laila Haider has extensive experience consulting in the areas of antitrust, labor, and commercial damages.  She has provided expert testimony and submitted expert reports in these areas as well. Dr. Haider specializes in the economics of class certification and in the analysis of damages issues.  She has particular expertise in the application of statistics and econometrics to litigation matters. 

  • Dr. John H. Johnson, IV
    President, CEO & Partner

    John Johnson uses econometrics to develop rigorous analyses and provide expert testimony in a wide range of antitrust cases, labor and employment matters, and in class actions. Dr. Johnson, a teacher at heart, is known for his ability to explain technical concepts in a simple, straightforward manner.

  • Dr. Nathan D. Woods

    Nathan Woods applies rigorous statistical analyses to class and collective action matters involving allegations of discrimination in pay, promotions, hiring and other business practices, and all manner of wage and hour allegations under the FLSA and various state laws. With a background in empirical research, Dr. Woods provides a data-driven approach to labor-related matters in both litigation and consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

  • Dr. J.J. Prescott
    Senior Academic Affiliate

    J.J. Prescott is a senior academic affiliate with Edgeworth Economics. He teaches at the University of Michigan Law School, also serving as the Co-Director of the Program in Law and Economics. An interdisciplinary scholar with a strong focus on empirical work, Professor Prescott teaches, writes, and presents on a wide range of topics in law and economics, including labor and employment matters.

  • Dr. Xiaoling Lim Ang
    Principal Consultant

    Xiaoling Ang is an expert in consumer financial services, antitrust, and labor economics. Her experience spans multiple industries with a concentration in banking, insurance, and finance. She focuses on applying rigorous economic and econometric methods to these areas, including through class certification and damages analysis, policy evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, and fair lending analysis.

  • Dr. Erica Blom
    Principal Consultant

    Erica Blom specializes in labor economics, applied econometrics, and the economics of education and has done research in these fields. She has extensive experience analyzing labor market variables and has published work  on this topic.

  • Ms. Song-yi Kim
    Principal Consultant

    Song-yi Kim holds expertise in performing economic and statistical analyses of large, complex datasets, and applies her knowledge to competitive issues such as antitrust and class action, as well as other financial services and regulatory issues.

  • Dr. Qian Lu
    Principal Consultant

    Qian Lu is an expert in the areas of intellectual property, antitrust, class certification, and labor economics. She brings a background in economic research and computer programming, which allow her to analyze and curate intricate datasets for clients.

  • Mr. George Lynch
    Principal Consultant

    George Lynch has expertise in economic and statistical modeling in the areas of labor and employment and antitrust. He is skilled at developing and analyzing various types of complex datasets.

  • Mr. Jose Manzo
    Principal Consultant

    Jose Manzo is a labor economist and a Principal Consultant in Edgeworth's Washington, DC office.

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