Edgeworth Completes Airline Industry Study for Etihad Airways

Jun 17, 2015

Dr. John Johnson and Mr. Michael Kheyfets completed an analysis on behalf of Etihad Airways, responding to claims made in a report jointly written by the three largest U.S. carriers on issues related to the Open Skies agreement between the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Edgeworth’s analysis demonstrated that services introduced by Etihad have increased competition and consumer choice in the air travel from the U.S. to the Indian Subcontinent and that the number of passengers traveling on these routes has grown significantly in the past five years. The Edgeworth analysis also showed that in some instances, the U.S. carriers’ losses in share of passengers were more than offset by the increase in their total number of passengers traveling on those routes.

The analysis has been reported on by numerous outlets worldwide, including Forbes, Air Transit World, Travel Weekly UK, and Yahoo!.

Read the media release from Etihad.


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