EDGEwords Blogs

The EDGEwords blogs are where we take real-world examples and apply straightforward economic analysis. Our EDGEwords blog explores fundamental economic concepts through current topics in news and pop culture. Our EDGEwords: Business Analytics and Regulation blog tackles economic issues pertinent to individual industries, and weighs costs and benefits associated with current and proposed regulation.

  • EDGEwords

    At Edgeworth, explaining sophisticated economic and statistical concepts in a manner that anyone can understand is a guiding philosophy critical to our work. Our original blog series is a continual reflection of this philosophy as we teach others the science we love in a fun way.

  • EDGEwords: Business Analytics & Regulation

    Explaining rigorous economic concepts and methodology pertinent to business and regulatory environments is at the core of our practice. Here, we explore these issues while gaining an understanding of current policies and regulations that may affect diverse industries from financial to consumer products.

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