Our Core Values

Quality: Edgeworth economists provide the highest quality of economic analysis. Edgeworth conducts data work, economic modeling, and statistical analysis at the highest level for all of its cases, from simple damages calculations to complex class-actions. The quality of our work is a constant and is unaffected by the size and scope of the matter that we work on.

Integrity: Edgeworth economists provide objective, high-quality analysis. Our clients have the right to expect the truth, regardless of whether it benefits their case.

Client Orientation: Edgeworth economists are responsive to our clients' needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to be available at any time and to respond quickly.

Access to the Expert: Although Edgeworth economists work as a team, the client can be confident that the key expert they hired is paying attention to their case. Our testifying experts write their own reports and manage their own teams.

Efficiency and Budgeting: Edgeworth economists know how to work efficiently and how to manage cases. Our clients have the right to expect an accurate budget and to know that we staff projects based on project needs, not based on a desire to keep our staff busy.

Thought Leadership: Edgeworth economists are fully engaged in the economics profession. Part of our responsibility to our clients lies in understanding state-of-the-art analysis and in providing thought leadership within the field.


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